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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is a leading agrotechnology provider of India and its graduates are recognized throughout the world. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) had its genesis from establishment of an Agricultural School at Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India as early as 1868 which was later relocated at Coimbatore during 1906.

The University is offering Thirteen Undergraduate Degree Programs, Forty Graduate Degree Programs and Twenty six Doctoral Programs in 11 Colleges distributed in eight campuses all over Tamil Nadu. TNAU has 36 Research Centers for agrotechnology development and 14 Farm Science Centers for outreach.

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  1. A Textbook of Probability Theory

  1. Weed control through sequential application of pre, early post and post - emergence herbicides in wet - seeded rice

    by Alagesan A.
  1. Integrated farming system for sustainable resource management in rainfed vertisols of western zone of tamil nadu

    by Esther Shekinah D.
  1. Influence of varieties, times of planting, spacings and nitrogen levels on growth, yield and quality, crop- weather and growth simulation modelling and yield forecast in turmeric

    by Kandiannan K.
  1. Identification of potential season and sowing window for irrigated co h 3 hybrid maize (zea mays l.) And validation of ceres-maize model

    by Karthikeyan R.
  1. Integrated phosphorus and calcium management in potato – cabbage system

    by Manorama K.
  1. Evaluation of sowing times and nutrient management practices for a new cropping system (green gram – maize – sunflower) under irrigated condition

    by Murali Arthanari P.
  1. Integrated nitrogen management for wet seeded rice based cropping system

    by Rajarathinam P.
  1. Integrated nutrient management for sustaining crop productivity and soil fertility under maize based cropping system

    by Rajavel M.
  1. Biologically efficient and profitable cropping system for garden lands of western agro-climatic zone of tamil nadu

    by Ramesh G.
  1. Studies on intensive manuring in rice-rice cropping system for western region of tamil nadu

    by Ramesh K.
  1. Studies on the effect of green manure and fertilizer 'n' in rice hybrids as mediated by lcc grades

    by Ravi S.
  1. Efficacy of seeding methods, in situ incorporation of dhaincha (sesbania aculeata poir.) And application time of pretilachlor plus on weed management and productivity of wet seeded rice

    by Ravisankar N.
  1. Whole farm approach for sustainable dryland prouduction

    by Thirukumaran K.
  1. Studies on irrigation regimes and nitrogen management along with plastic film mulching in lowland rice – green gram system

    by Marimuthu S.
  1. Integrated phosphorus management in wet seeded rice-greengram system

  1. Studies of different organic manures and nitrogen fertilizers on soil fertility and sustained productivity in rice based cropping system

    by Natarajan S.
  1. Integration of biological, cultural and chemical methods of weed mangement for sustainable production of rice + fish farming system

    by Poonguzhalan R.
  1. Maximisation of biomass and ethanol production in sweet sorghum under irrigated condition of western zone of tamil nadu

    by Raju.M
  1. Evaluation of crop establishment methods and nitrogen management

    by Ramesh S.
  1. Systems of studies on the performance of rice under non-conventional cultivation with different levels of nitrogen

    by Senthil Kumar .G
  1. Evaluating production potential of polyethylene film mulches for irrigated groundnut under different agro-techniques

    by Subrahmaniyan K.
  1. Studies on integrated nitrogen and weed management practices and optimization of nitrogen dose for wet seeded rice

    by Subramanian E.
  1. Integrated farming system and resource management for sustainable crop production in rainfed vertisol of western zone of tamil nadu

    by Subramanian P.
  1. Agronomic manipulations for sustainable production in baby corn (zea mays l.) Based intercropping systems

    by Thava Prakash N.
  1. Studies on the influence of irrigation and mulching on growth and yield of summer cotton

    by Thukkaiyannan P.
  1. Evaluation of system of rice intensification (sri) practices for higher production and productivity of rice

    by Vijayakumar .M
  1. Production potential and economics of intensive cotton (gossypium spp.l) based intercropping system through nutrient management practices under irrigated condition

    by Jeya Kumar M.
  1. Evolving technology package for irrigated confectionery groundnut

    by Kathirvelan .P
  1. Root activity and productivity of puddled lowland rice as influenced by cultivars, soil aeration and plant growth promoting substances

    by Manivannan V.
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