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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is a leading agrotechnology provider of India and its graduates are recognized throughout the world. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) had its genesis from establishment of an Agricultural School at Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India as early as 1868 which was later relocated at Coimbatore during 1906.

The University is offering Thirteen Undergraduate Degree Programs, Forty Graduate Degree Programs and Twenty six Doctoral Programs in 11 Colleges distributed in eight campuses all over Tamil Nadu. TNAU has 36 Research Centers for agrotechnology development and 14 Farm Science Centers for outreach.

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  1. Question Bank On Food Science And Technology

    by CHAVAN (U.D.)
  1. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

  1. Introduction to biomass energy conversions

    by CAPAREDA (Sergin C)
  1. Gastification Technologies : a primer for engineers & Scientists

    by REZAIYAN (John),etc
  1. Solar Photovoltaic Technology and systems

    by SOLANKI (Chetan Singh)
  1. Biogas Tehnology

    by NIJAGUNA (B T)
  1. Wind Energy Explained

    by MANWELL (J F) & McGOWAN (J G)
  1. Engineering Chemistry

    by JANI ( P C)
  1. Bioprocess Engineering: Kinetics, biosystems, Sustainablity and reasearch design

    by LIU(Shijie)
  1. Bioprocess Engineering Principles

    by DORAN (Pauline M)
  1. Elements of Workshop Technology: Manufacturing Processes

    by CHOUDHURY (S.K Hajra) & Roy (Nirjhar)
  1. Elements of Workshop Technology: Machine tools

    by CHOUDHURY (S.K Hajra) & Roy (Nirjhar)
  1. Textbook of thermal Engineering

    by KHURMI (R S) & GUPTA (J K)
  1. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

    by BALLANEY (P L)
  1. Thermal Engineering: Engineering thermodynamics & energy conversion techniques

    by BALLANEY (P L)
  1. Transport processes and separation process principles

    by GEANKOPLIS (Christie John)
  1. Textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning

    by KHURMI (R S) & GUPTA (J K)
  1. Unit operations of chemical engineering

    by McCABE (Warren L),etc
  1. Unit operations of agricultural processing

    by SAHAY (K M) & SINGH (K K)
  1. Food Processing Technology

    by FELLOWS (P J)
  1. Industrial Engineering and Management

    by KHANNA (O P)
  1. Textbook of Building Construction

    by ARORA (S P) & BUBDRA ( S P)
  1. Food Science

  1. Foods facts and principles

    by MANAY ( N Shakuntala)
  1. Food Processing and Preservation

  1. Food Facts and principles

    by MANAY ( N Shakuntala)
  1. Food Processing and Preservation

  1. Building Materials

    by DUGGAL (S K)
  1. Estimating and costing in civil engineering

    by DUTTA (B N)
  1. Introduction to environmental engineering and science

    by MASTERS (Gilbert M)& ELA (Wendell P)
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